Learn about health and nutrition and being active as part of your local sports club fitness programme.


Receive a free fitness band to track your activity levels throughout the day and explore the data in class and at home.


Get active and move more with engaging weekly step challenges set by your instructor in class.

Project Overview

This research aims to enhance the six week Match Fit programme currently delivered by Newcastle United Foundation (NUF) to primary aged pupils in the North East. This programme is successful in raising the activity and awareness food intake in its participants.

The project uses inexpensive fitness trackers (Xiaomi Mi Bands) to evidence behaviour change through reporting on step counts during the Match Fit programme.

Students will engage with activities that encourage food intake recall to further support the Match Fit programme and evidence changes in nutrition.

You will be able to sign in from the 20th June.
Learning about Health and Nutrition

Our goal is to provide an even more engaging programme for young people to learn about how health and fitness can be supported by technology.

Understanding Activity Levels

We would like to give each young person a fitness band to wear during the 6 week programme to count their daily number of steps and use this in class and at home to learn about activity levels can effect their health.

Data as an Educational Resource

As part of providing young people to collect their activity levels we would like to know how teachers could use this as an educational resource to engage students in understanding data literacy.

About the study

We are researchers at Newcastle University’s Open Lab and excited to be working with Newcastle United Foundation on their Match Fit programme to encourage your child to be active and eat healthily.

We would like to understand whether the Match Fit programme encourages children to be more active. To do this we would like to give your child a fitness band to wear over this period to count their daily number of steps and use this to learn about health and nutrition. We are writing to you to seek your consent for your child to participate in our study.

We will be using the Xiaomi Mi Band, similar to a Fitbit fitness band, that will be provided by Newcastle University and returned after the study has been completed. We would like the children to wear their bands on a daily basis from the week of the 22nd May, until the Match Fit programme finishes on the week of the 10th July.

We would like to report on our findings from this study in future academic publications which will include anonymised data from the class including steps. At the end of the study we would like to talk with the children about what they have learnt and how they got on with the technology. With your permission, we would like to interview your child and audio record the discussion for our reports.

It’s important that you know that at any time, during or after the project, you can: ask us questions, withdraw your child at any time without giving a reason or if necessary make a complaint. Our contact details are below.

Andy Garbett -
David Chatting -
0191 208 4631

Project Partners

Newcastle United Foundation and Newcastle Falcons are working with Newcastle University to understand how we can engage students with activity data to enhance learning and motivate students throughout their health and fitness programmes.