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ThinkActive Sync App Release Notes

v1.1.2 Wandering Panda

New Features

  • ThinkActive Cloud v1.4.2 full support including user login and data sync
  • Support for Android Custom Tabs Service Android 11 upwards for authentication

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved issue where synced data may have timestamps repaired incorrectly resulting in future dated data

v1.1.0 Blue Firefly

New Features

  • Initial support for ThinkActive Cloud v1.2.8
  • Support for no user account workflows
  • Support for multiple firmware versions
  • Upgrade ActiveBand Comms to v2.5.1
  • New log for accelerometer bad samples
  • New batched sync routine - data is synced in batches and errors during sync no longer discard data synced up to failure

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved issue where some Android devices would be unable to sync on cold start of application
  • Resolved issue where firmware update button would still show after successful update
  • Resolved race condition where device state load operations may be triggered many times blocking sync
  • Resolved crash during sync where commands timeout
  • Resolved issue where some user data not stored and displayed in profile screen
  • Changed text "ActiveBand.Sync.App" shown during Bluetooth permissions prompt to tenant specific text
  • Resolved issue where disconnection may fail leaving connection and characteristics listeners open
  • Resolve issue block read fail could crash application

v1.0.0 Wild Otter

Our first release! 🥳

  • Login with tenant authentication services.
  • Setup ActiveBand devices with device setup workflow
  • Sync data from ActiveBand devices to third-party services
  • Show basic device information and last-sync time to user
  • Display user account information
  • Firmware update devices

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